Fill with power! Select one of many carbohydrate loading protocols, with the purpose of accelerating muscle and liver glycogen shops above regular ranges.
Drink loads of fluids 24 hours earlier than the race.
Devour about 500 ml of fluid
2 hours earlier than the beginning . Eat a lightweight breakfast and keep away from decreasing your weight loss plan on the final minute, as this may make you’re feeling lighter.
We don’t experiment earlier than the race! Consuming habits have to be utilized in coaching with a view to uncover the meals that go well with you.

At some point earlier than the race

Loads of fluids and meals wealthy in carbohydrates with low glycemic index and low in protein and fats that complicate the digestive course of. Entire grain meals (cereals, pasta), darkish rice and greens are beneficial. Keep away from legumes and spices. The dinner of the final day earlier than the race needs to be mild in order that there are not any digestive issues and sleep just isn’t disturbed, for that reason it is strongly recommended to keep away from caffeine consumption.

The morning earlier than the race

3-4 hours earlier than the race we select a breakfast wealthy in carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen of the liver that has been consumed in the course of the evening. Select low-glycemic meals comparable to entire grains and keep away from fatty meals altogether.

1-2 hours earlier than the race

500-800ml mineral water or an isotonic drink wealthy in electrolytes to keep away from dehydration in the course of the race. You can too devour a fruit tolerated by the physique

Throughout the match

Water, isotonic drinks and carbohydrates with a excessive glycemic index which might be absorbed quicker. You may select meals like banana and honey however the bottom line is the meals that will likely be consumed in the course of the race to have been examined in coaching and to be tolerated by the physique.

After the match

Plentiful fluids and an pleasurable meal wealthy in carbohydrates and reasonable in protein to replenish misplaced power. Restrict fiber to keep away from untimely satiety and doable gastrointestinal problems. You may select white spaghetti with lean floor beef.

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